Amber Heard’s Appeal Denied, It’s Back to T.J. Maxx for Her

Amber Heard threw up a Hail Mary and got swatted down by the giants hands of Lady Justice.

Heard claimed in filed documents that there was juror fraud in her court case involving Johnny Depp. Therefore, the case should be retried.

Heard claimed the juror that appeared in court wasn’t the one who received the summons. Seems like a father and son lived at the same address. Heard claimed the son took the father’s summons and appeared in court and ultimately got impaneled on the jury.

The judge wasn’t buying it.

According to TMZ, the judge states no birth date was on the summons so either father or son could’ve appeared. Therefore, no juror fraud occurred.

Furthermore, the judge said that Heard could’ve made these claims earlier, but only chooses to do so now because she lost. Makes sense.

Heard needs to go back to the drawing board. She’s rumored to be receiving $15 million for a tell-all book, but that deal hasn’t closed.

No word if she’s still at T.J. Maxx, but maybe that’s a good place to look for a new strategy.

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