Justin Bieber Isn’t Having Any of Taylor Swift Either, Teams Up With Kim and Kanye

I hope we never stop talking about Taylor Swift’s feud with the Wests. I hope I can tell my fostered puppies all about this someday and look back on my portfolio to tell them wondrous tales of how best to be petty, sneaky and snaky.

Taylor’s squad has been publicly taking her side, though I suspect they’re double agents. Kim and Kanye are generals with influence unprecedented. But people can’t help but to take the side of the mogul couple. Their public image is better. Right now, it’s more lucrative. And I’m starting to wonder if Taylor Swift even has a chance.

The newest voice for the Kardashian-West team comes from the most expected source in Justin Bieber. The Purpose singer captioned a screenshot of a FaceTime call with Kanye:

Taylor Swift what up

And it just felt right.

He can’t help but throw his hat into the ring. And because he’s hopelessly in love with Selena Gomez still… it’s not like he can go for Taylor Swift….

Unless they both want to break up real quick, then Selena, Justin and Taylor can all put albums out about one another. But I’m already ahead of myself.

What this article is, is a plea for every celebrity to get involved. Support your troops. Defend your hero’s honor. You’re needed for the future of good storytelling.

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Captain Sarcasticus
Captain Sarcasticus
5 years ago

Douchebags attract other douchebags.

It’s just the Circle of Life. Kinda beautiful when you think about it.

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