So, Margot Robbie Loves Herself A ‘Beer Shower’

In a recent piece by Vanity Fair Margot Robbie told a few interesting things about herself.

Like how YouTube is her main acting coach. Which makes a lot more sense than Jared Leto’s method bullshit.

“I do all my research for accents on YouTube. It’s amazing; you can find the most bizarre or unique accents online. Then I convert it to MP3 and put it on my iPod. I can listen and mimic throughout the day. In Suicide Squad, for example, I was doing a scene where I’m getting electrocuted, and I was like, Okay, am I going to be doing this accurately? And I went on YouTube and looked up people touching electric fences.”

Shocking. What about those beer baths, though?

“I like to have a beer shower—a nice beer in the shower. When I did Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, I was saying, “Oh, my God, I can’t wait to go home,” and Tina Fey’s costume lady was like, “Me too. I can’t wait to go home and have a beer shower.” I was like, “What’s a beer shower?” She said she drinks an ice-cold beer in a boiling-hot bath or shower, and it made her sleep. I was like, “That sounds perfect!” So now when I get home from work, I have a beer shower or a beer bath if I have time.”

That’s some revolutionary s**t. I’m into it. Thanks Margot. You get me.

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