Could It Be Time for Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie to Date?

Divorce loves company! And everyone knows old flames are the healthiest place to go at the dissolution of your marriage. Back in 2012, Johnny Depp’s ex, Vanessa Paradis, swore that Depp and Jolie had to have canoodled and it’s not like they haven’t been seen in the same circles since spending all that time filming that terrible Tourist movie.

But now seems the perfect time for the two to reconnect. Depp, who is going through his own very public divorce proceedings, is in the ideal position to give Jolie lots and lots of advice.

Angelina hired Johnny’s lawyer to represent her based on the advice that he has given her.

But it can’t be just that. They have to be planning their next private wedding on an even bigger private island.

Her friends are now speculating about what could happen between them if she and Brad are not reconciled and their divorce goes through.

Haven’t they heard though? Divorce is the new black. That’s not an original thought. I’m sure I read that on a pillow in the home of a bitter middle aged woman where I spend most of my time.

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Perry de Havilland
7 years ago

It is a well known axiom: “do not stick your dick in crazy”… but maybe when both are crazy, perhaps this does not apply.

7 years ago

I wouldn’t wish Angie on my worst enemy. Actually I think Brad is secretly happy that he’s away from her.