Why Does Jared Leto Keep Giving People Dildos? Why Do We Keep Pretending It’s Art?

How much longer are we gonna have to hear about all of the obnoxious s**t Jared Leto did method acting to play a shitty Hot Topic version of The Joker in an overhyped and pretty bad movie.

EDM jack-weasel Skrillex made the track “Purple Lamborghini” for “Suicide Squad,” which is a horrible song with a horrible music video. It’s all so bad it almost comes back around to good. He had the option of just recycling film clips for the music video, and made the critical error of not doing that.

In an interview with Complex, Skrillex let onto the fact that he’s still willing to pretend any of it was good and Jared Leto isn’t just a fucking idiot.

“[They] wanted to do a music video using me and footage [of Suicide Squad],” said Skrillex. “I was like, ‘No, I don’t want to do one of those.’ So I called Jared personally, and I really had to persuade him [to join]. He’s a really good friend of mine, but for him, giving me that Joker character is not an easy thing. He really went out of his way to be a part of that video. And getting Rick Ross in it — the timing was so last minute. Everything came together at the last minute. The director, the treatment, everything.”

Yeah, it fucking shows you giant hack.

“While on the set of the “Purple Lamborghini” video, the actor awarded Skrillex with “the biggest dildo” he had ever seen “and a bunch of weird s**t in a box,” Skrillex recalls. “I was just like, ‘Thank you.’”


[H/T Death And Taxes]

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Isadora Teich
Isadora Teich
7 years ago

I thought sending dildos was the way democrats sign up humans to vote?? Is it not? I know for a fact that when they sign of the heartbeat challenged (dead)comment image they use extra hearts from the Legend of Zelda