Lindsay Lohan Goes Full Madonna With New European Accent

Oh, Lindsay. Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. You used to be such a cute little girl and a genuinely talented actress. Well, now she’s back to acting. In her newest role, she plays herself, but from a European version of Mars.

While promoting her new club in Greece, people were confused by her new accent. As a reminder, Lohan is from Long Island, not Hungary-Italy-Ireland-MakeBelieveLand.

Lohan addressed her new form of speech to the Daily Mail. Lohan claims that she’s learning a bunch of new languages and that plus her living in Europe has given her a new accent. She joked that her new dialect should have it’s own name. That name should be “Trying Too Hard.”

I don’t want to pick on Lohan. Her parents were garbage and she’s lived her life in the spotlight as everything’s gone awry. So, if she wants to start a new life as some strange European creature opening clubs and giving energy drinks to refugees, I say, go ahead.

Sadly, this will probably be one of the least strange chapters of Lohan’s bizarro life.

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