A Pool Where All Swimmers Die, Not a Horror Story but a Scientific Discovery

Scientists have recently found an underwater lake in the Gulf Sea that kills everything it touches.

The pool sits 3300 feet below sea level, is twice as hot as the water surrounding it, and has five times as much salt as average ocean water. Scientists were tipped off to this creepy lake by the bed of dead crabs surrounding it.

Nicknamed “the Jacuzzi of Despair,” also the current monicker of the Playboy Grotto, this lake is deadly not due to the heat, but the salinity. The heavy salt content allowed the water to sink and mix with oils from the ocean floor and hydrogen sulfide forming a  “toxic goo that gets cooked by methane leaking from bed. The end result is a toxic oxygen-starved lake that kills crabs and other bottom feeders.” Oddly enough, the Playboy Grotto is also filled with a salty, toxic goo but mostly feeds on peoples spirits and dreams.

A few creatures are able to withstand this dead pool. Charming animals like mussels, brine shrimp, and tube worms have adapted to the hostile environment. It’s nice to know that no matter how toxic and horrible your surroundings, something will survive. Hopefully, America will be like those brine shrimp, learning to thrive in the fiery hellscape that is this Presidential election.

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