Steve Harvey Wanted People to ‘Go Assault Old White Women’

Steve Harvey may seem like a sweet, bald family man, but some new tapes may prove otherwise.

Joseph Cooper has accumulated over 120 hours of footage, much of it featuring Harvey saying unsavory things. From an old stand up bit, Harvey told the audience to “spit on white people” and “go assault old white women.”

Cooper insists these tapes could destroy Harvey, though Steve himself disagrees. He claims the tapes are from earlier in his career where he was edgier and not trying to establish a brand. Basically, it seems like Harvey doesn’t give a s**t about these tapes and just wants this affair to be over.

But Cooper will not let it rest. He previously sued Harvey in 2014 for $20 million. Cooper feels the world needs to hear the foul mouthed Harvey because he is “the worst person that’s ever been on television.”

Harvey is now suing Cooper for $5 million, stating that Cooper has been trying to extort him for years. Whether Harvey wins or loses, what will happen to the tapes is unclear.

Will this be career ending? I doubt it. Harvey was doing stand up and some of it might have been a little much (I’d prefer old white ladies not get assaulted), it really doesn’t seem that bad. Also, white people have done actual terrible s**t to black people, so if they want to throw around the word “honkey” or say they “hate whites,” I think old whitey should give it a pass.

[Ed. note: Steve Harvey is still a douchebag]

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