Carrie Fisher’s Dog Misses His Mom, Is Tweeting About It

Carrie Fisher, unfortunately, passed away yesterday. But that hasn’t stopped her dog from tweeting.

Fisher introduced Gary to the world last December while promoting Star Wars: The Force Awakens and fans have flocked to his Twitter account in the past week once news broke that the actress suffered a heart attack.

Why is this a thing? I’ll never get the appeal of anyone creating a social media account for their animal. Unless you actually let your animal write their own posts. Now that would be funny. The posts would just be “hshiuhiauof.” But at least we know it’s the animal posting it and not the owner posting fake thoughts from their pet.

This also begs the question of, who the hell is writing these tweets? Fisher obviously knew about the account and this person has access to take pictures of Gary, so I’m assuming it’s someone close to Fisher. Maybe it’s Adam Driver? She is Fisher’s son after all. But I don’t know why she would trust him after he killed his father.

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