Megan Fox Might Play Poison Ivy, Maybe

Gotham City Sirens, the all-female villain movie starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, may have identified its next villain. Maybe.

The evidence is thin, but people are desperate to know what woman wearing a red wig they’ll be jerking off to in the year to come. But there are hints that Megan Fox may take on the poisonous role.

The questionable proof is that Megan Fox ordered Harley Quinn #14, #17 and #38. These comics go into the friendship between Harley and Ivy.

That’s all the proof there is.

So, if Megan Fox starring in another film is greatly upsetting or greatly pleasing to you, don’t get too involved either way. Maybe Megan Fox just loves comics or wanted to order more reading material since she thinks technology is terrible.

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