Natalie Portman Doesn’t Owe You S**t

At recent screenings for her 100% Oscar bait film JackieNatalie Portman has apparently been kind of a bitch.

Good.  I live for female celebrities being unpleasant. Remember when Ariana Grande got caught wishing all her fans were dead? Or when she said she hates America? I hate her music, but I support her.

Instead of kissing a bunch of strangers’ asses, which I guess you are supposed to do as somebody that gets overpaid to read s**t other people wrote on-screen, she had no time for anyone’s s**t at the screening of her film at the Walter Reede theatre. She showed up encased in an entourage and jetted the f**k in and out of there and signed no autographs.

Good job Natalie. Life is nothing but disappointment. I only hope she escalates. Punch a grown man in the face Natalie. Get schwifty. Thank you.

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