Natalie Portman Doesn’t Owe You Shit

At recent screenings for her 100% Oscar bait film JackieNatalie Portman has apparently been kind of a bitch.

Good.  I live for female celebrities being unpleasant. Remember when Ariana Grande got caught wishing all her fans were dead? Or when she said she hates America? I hate her music, but I support her.

Instead of kissing a bunch of strangers’ asses, which I guess you are supposed to do as somebody that gets overpaid to read shit other people wrote on-screen, she had no time for anyone’s shit at the screening of her film at the Walter Reede theatre. She showed up encased in an entourage and jetted the fuck in and out of there and signed no autographs.

Good job Natalie. Life is nothing but disappointment. I only hope she escalates. Punch a grown man in the face Natalie. Get schwifty. Thank you.

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