Everyone Hates Ariana Grande

No one’s buying tickets to Ariana Grande’s tour and I’m not surprised. As we have seen with Iggy Azalea, you can push generic or just straight up bad sounding songs as hard as you want when you own all of the radio stations, but it doesn’t mean anyone will elect to pay to experience that s**t consistently.

In fact, Ariana Grande‘s upcoming “Dangerous Woman” tour has been hyped to hell. She’s done the TV interview thing and even played a set at the iHeartRadio festival. But, again just because iHeartRadio has a music monopoly and can shovel out whatever they want, doesn’t mean that anyone will dig it.

How bad are sales for the tour? Well, the blue seats are unassigned seats at two upcoming shows, courtesy of ONTD.


Good news for Ariana Grande’s 19 fans, they will probably get paid to attend to her tour.

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7 years ago

This is not only a huge lie, its about as far from journalism as you can get. I guess this is what some sites have to do to get attention, when no one cares smh!

5 years ago

SAD. You’re cancelled. Goodnight to everyone but this sorry excuse for journalism.