DC Looking at Tom Cruise, Ryan Reynolds and Others to Play Green Lantern in ‘Green Lantern Corps’

Yeah, because we all remember how well that worked out last time.

So DC is making (another) Green Lantern movie and this is the list of motherfuckers they are considering so far:

Tom Cruise (better check his thetans first)

Joel McHale (isn’t he too busy harassing contestants from The Bachelor?)

Bradley Cooper (Yeah, no one is tired of seeing his face)

Ryan Reynolds (Because last time sucked but it doesn’t matter)

Armie Hammer (Nice name)

and Jake Gyllenhaal (Not even worth me mocking for money because I have a burrito in a pan I would like to get back to)

It’s all early days, so there haven’t been any talks with any of the actors yet, but I am pretty sure they will end up hiring Jared Leto to try and give the film some pretentious art cred and also just to spite me.

[H/T The Wrap]

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