Lindsay Lohan Wrote a Refuguee Poem to Express Her Thoughts About War and Syria

Lindsay Lohan is honestly moved by the Syrian refugee crisis and her work in Turkey has certainly changed her views of the world. Sadly, she chose the medium of poetry to express these thoughts.

Lindsay posted a poem on Instagram about her fears of war, violence, and “idle Isis minds.” If you get over the fact that there’s no capitalization, the poem is really less crazy than it seems. But poems will always seem a little nutty and pretentious when talking about issues of war and peace.

Lohan spent her New Year’s in Dubai and said she’ll be returning to Turkey to continue her work with refugees. Generally, Lohan is invested more in business and aid efforts rather than acting, though she will happily come back home to make Mean Girls 2.

It’s easy to make fun of Lindsay, but it seems like she’s trying to do something good with her life. After all the shitty stuff she’s gone through and making I Know Who Killed Me, I think she’s suffered enough and hope she finds happiness with her new poetry/refugee aid career.

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