Mark Wahlberg Says the Jail Time He’d Get for Killing Justin Bieber Would Be Worth It

Especially because jail for rich people is just basically a hotel you have to stay at for awhile.

Mark Wahlberg’s 13-year-old daughter is in love with Justin Bieber, and Wahlberg had some choice words for her when she said she was going to marry him. On Friday, Wahlberg told Ellen DeGeneres:

“She liked him a lot when she was younger, turned on him completely, and then came back with a vengeance.”

Teen girls are dumb. Like pay out the ass to kick it with a cardboard cut out of Justin Bieber and idolize a man that obviously hates them dumb.

“Like, ‘Dad, that’s going to be my husband.’ I was like, ‘Over my dead body. Actually, over both your dead bodies.’ I’ll just go back to jail.”

In case you forgot, Marky Mark actually was charged with convicted murder in 1988. I wouldn’t f**k with him.
On that note, somebody give Bieber Mark’s daughter’s phone number so he can take care of it.
[H/T BroBible]
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