Melania Trump Shows Moment of Deep Sadness at Inauguration, Her Life is Probably Hell

Hoo boy! There is a sad, sad clip of Melania and Donald Trump on only day 1 of his presidency. We’re in for a wild ride.

A clip of the inauguration has been going around the internet as potential proof of Melania’s silent hatred of her husband.

Her smile looks like that of a Stepford wife or the hostage who has to phone their Mom to tell them everything’s okay while they have a gun in their back. Then, the second Trump looks away, the smile fades and the darkness that is her life comes into view.

Of course, this is just one tiny clip. It certainly can’t have any greater meaning in their lives. Some have even claimed that this clip was played in reverse to make Trump look bad, but Snopes has disproved this. Again, he may not have been talking to Melania at all and most likely wasn’t saying anything like “Just shut the f**k up and smile, you Russian whore.” There’s no way we could know if that was true.

But seeing her pained smile fade into utter sadness makes us believe that it’ll be a long four years for the Trump house.

[Ed. note: There’s also this classic photo of Donald leaving her behind.]

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