Panties Will Drop as John Mayer Releases New Songs

Girls cannot get enough of a guy with a guitar. If you can strum three chords, you’re in. 90% of the guitar players out there picked up the instrument to get women. Hell, 90% of what anything guys do is to get women.

The ultimate panty dropper, John Mayer, returns with four new songs to get yer lady in the mood. This guy has found his niche. Music to be played over Starbucks speakers. The women like it so now you have to like it too.

He’s got “Moving On And Getting Over.” You can tell by the title what the song is about. Breaking up. Expect some sad 40 year olds to be playing this song sometime this year.

Then there’s “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me.” This one’s about herpes.

“Love on the Weekend” is boring. It’s nice and fluffy, but you’re not gonna ask for it two years from now, because there’ll be another nice and fluffy song to take its place. Zero impact.

This tweet of his is pretty funny though.

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