Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’ Gets Changed Into Monotone Genius

The masterpiece that is Smash Mouth’s All Star will live on for all of history. Now it has inspired artists of all kinds to take their work and make it their own.

The latest example of a modern art deconstruction of this classic is “All Star by Smash Mouth but All the Notes Are C.” This newly monotoned version of the song brings to life the sadness behind the touching lyrics. Yes, one may be an All Star, but at what price? If all that glitters is gold, doesn’t that render gold meaningless? And if everyone is an All Star, then we must all be the same, as brilliance becomes the new mediocrity.

Only artists such as Smash Mouth could have created a song that has lived in people’s hearts for so long and inspired such artistic endeavors as “All Star by Smash Mouth but All the Notes Are C.”

Perhaps in the future we can look forward to the cover of “I’m a Believer” but all the lyrics replaced with the word Shrek or “Might As Well Be Walking on the Sun” but all the notes are in the register only dogs can hear.

The genius of Smash Mouth knows no bounds and the new works inspired by their brilliance will only grow and grow as we journey deeper into this new millennium.

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