The Soulja Boy Chris Brown Beef Went From 0-6000 Real Quick

I’ll bet you $15 Soulja Boy has a new song coming out soon and is tryna scrape his way back into relevance by fighting people on the internet.

That big $15 will probably be more than his upcoming single makes.

Straight out of his dumb beef with Shia LaBeouf, Soulja Boy is in the middle of an even dumber one with irrefutable asshole Chris Brown. He recently tweeted:

If this is real, Chris Brown will be dead in 48 hours. Unless Chris Brown only hits teen girls after all. Nah. He stomped on a man’s head one time. Soulja Boy then told ’em in a series of tweets:


Chris Brown then called him a snitch via video message.

And Soulja Boy tore him up by reminding everybody that he beat the s**t out of Rihanna.

All this because Soulja Boy commented with some heart eyes on his ex-gf’s instagram pic.

Somebody put these kids in time out and take away their phones.

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