‘Stranger Things 2’ May Get Political, Or Will Definitely Use the Political Climate to Keep Interest Up for the New Season

After a fiery political acceptance speech by Stranger Things star David Harbour, people are wondering if politics might be playing a larger role in the second season of the Netflix hit.

Producer Shawn Levy told reporters that our current climate will affect their fictional 80s town but in pretty vague ways. Don’t expect to see Trump in the Upside Down.

Levy said that Stranger Things celebrates the weird and downtrodden and finds the humanity in seemingly frightening characters like Eleven. “So, I think that these themes are of this time,” he said, “and they will continue to be.”

When they asked Ross Duffer, one of the creators of the series, if the current political climate will make its way into the second season, he replied: “We’ll see.”

So, basically, the new series won’t have s**t to do with current politics, most because it’s about supernatural stuff in the 80s. The idea that the weirdos are the heroes and that reflects our time is pretty thin. Cause right now the weirdos and outcasts are definitely the victims in the world. So, unless all the monsters win in this next season, it doesn’t have much to do with our present life.

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