Beyonce and Adele May Unite to Record Duet That Will Make Millions Weep, Probably

According to Radar, Beyonce and Adele are teaming up to record a girl power anthem that will probably make you s**t yourself. A source told the site:

“They’re still talking about what they want to do. But this is going to be one of the biggest duets of all time.”

Considering Beyonce got robbed at the Grammys when Adele’s album nabbed the album of the year award over hers, and Adele responded by flat out acknowledging it, I can see why Beyonce would do it.

It’s not Adele’s fault music big wigs only like to give awards to white artists.

We all knew they were not about to hand a major award to Beyonce for Lemonade, an album celebrating black women. The source added:

“Adele is a huge Beyonce fan, and it was her idea to team up together. This is going to be a girl power anthem!”

I’m ready.

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