Cheerleader Dropped on Her Head Twice, Once During a Routine, Once Carried Off the Floor

Keystone cops right here.

The UCLA cheer team did a fat faceplant at the UCLA versus Oregon basketball game.

Watch as one cheerleader takes a fall on her ass.

She gets rushed off the floor in the arms of a trainer who then takes a tumble himself. If I was her, I’d say “thanks, but no thanks” after that second fall, and gimp walk my way off the floor.

UCLA won 82-79.

[H/T Deadspin]

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Make It Stop
Make It Stop
7 years ago

Ok, the first fall looked absolutely excruciating, but God help me I could not help busting out laughing at the second one. With that being said, I really hope this poor girl is ok, she could have suffered severe, permanent injuries from these falls.