Iceland’s President Wants to Make Pineapple on Pizza Illegal

Considering Iceland makes all of their laws by melting snow from the fjords, bringing it to Bjork in a bronze chalice, and interpreting her gargling, I could see this happening.

The president of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson (pronounced as a series of coughs), made himself the most controversial man in international politics when he took hard questions from a class of Icelandic high schoolers. They asked him how he felt about pineapple on pizza, and he said not only that he hated it, but he would go so far as to make it illegal.

It must be great to come from a country where the most controversial and fucked up thing about your president and his 97% approval rating is that he hates pineapple pizza.

And not that he’s a serial sexual assaulter with Vladimir Putin’s fist up his ass.

President Cough Cough Snort Fjordsson later flip flopped on this groundbreaking decision, as politicians do. According to a Facebook update, while he says he can’t tell you how to eat your pizza, he says more people should put fish on their pizza.

It is the will of the the Great Gargling Bjork. Amen.

[H/T Iceland Magazine]

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5 years ago

Oh, you and your false pretense of open-mindedness. You’re full of the same amount of hateful s**t as anyone else.

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