Adele Demands Hotel Staff Drive 140 Miles To Get Her Pizza She Didn’t Eat Anyway While England Falls Apart Around Her

Rolling in the deep dish.

That is some alleged diva bullshit right there.

From Unilad:

So the story goes that Adele was staying at a country retreat just north of Oxford with her family when she began to feel a bit peckish at 11pm.

That’s understandable – we’ve all been there; pizza she opted for, reports The Sun

If I had a dollar for all the pizza I have eaten late at night, I would have a whole lotta dollars.

‘We’ve got the best ovens money can buy’, said the hoteliers at the Soho Farmhouse, as they offered to cook her a pizza themselves – but she wasn’t having any of it.

I don’t know, I kinda want to be mad at Adele but on the other hand….it’s Adele. It’s not like it’s one of Taylor Swift’s alleged diva bitch things or anything.

Instead she ‘insisted’ they they drove 70 miles, yes 70 miles, to her local pizzeria in Kensington, at 11pm, to pick up a pizza for her.

Yo, there’s this place in Kensington that the royal family gets their goddamn pizza from and if it is the same place, I 100% understand. However, Adele kinda took it a step too far.

When the hotel worker turned delivery man got back from the 140-mile round trip of Chasing Pavements – Adele was fast asleep.

Damn Adele. Damn. Your country is going to hell. Limey Nazis are running loose. But at least you got that pizza you never ate anyway. Smh.

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Perry de Havilland
7 years ago

“Limey Nazis are running loose”

Er, what?