Johnny Depp Turning Into a Mole Man

Johnny Depp is trying to seal himself away from in his own private compound in the Hollywood Hills.

Depp owns five houses on a cul-de-sac in Hollywood and his dream is the buy the sixth and last house on the block, form a compound, and install a gate to its entrance so buses wouldn’t be able to gawk at his homes.

He doesn’t just want a bunch of houses, he wants to connect them all via underground tunnels, so he can fly from house to house without being seen.

The only thing standing in the way of this Depp labyrinth is the owner of the sixth house. Though Depp has reportedly done everything to get that house, they’re not budging.

What is Depp supposed to do? Go live in his house in France? It’s another sad Hollywood tragedy.

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First off you journalist. Depp made the comment about this being in the press n it would be horrible in other words you would flip things around to make them sound worse then what it is !! But he didnt care you do it anyway , Which you did haha and then he made the comment of saying when was the last time an actor assinated a president”? Which you cant take it litterally hes an actor!! There is in no way he could get to sit right next to president!?


“assinated” heh


Johnny Depp makes about $20 mil per film and by the end of 2018 he will have at least 6 films out. Do you want to say again that he is broke???

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