Katy Perry Gasps and Pants

The new thing in music is for everyone to freak out over the isolated tracks of performers. There was Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl and Beyonce at the Grammys, and now we have Katy Perry from the Grammys.

I don’t understand this obsession at all. Just about every performer uses a backing track with some type of voice enhancer. As long as they aren’t blatantly lip-syncing or not trying – looking at you Mariah Carey – then I’m fine with this.

I want to watch good performances on TV and at concerts. So if that means I’m not hearing just the isolated track, so be it. I’m there for the performance, not the music. If I want just the music, I’ll listen to the CD.

Let’s not lose sight of the real issue here: that new Katy Perry song is trash.

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