‘SNL’s Weekend Update’ Might Get a Weekly Spinoff! Finally, Some Political Comedy!

You were probably thinking, “I need a lot more politics talk in my life!” Well, you’re in luck.

Politico reports that SNL is considering producing a weekly half-hour version of “Weekend Update” to air in primetime. Ratings have risen for the segment by 22% over the past year, so NBC might capitalize on the sudden resurgence of relevance of the sketch show.

Now, we already have The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Real Time with Bill Maher, and most of the late night shows feature political shows every day of the week. But hey, why not add another. It might be a good idea, since SNL seems to be one of the few things that influences Donald Trump, so perhaps it could do some good.

Or it’ll get canceled after a month because people have had too much.

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