Chloe Grace Moretz Doesn’t Want Your Cookies

Chloe Grace Moretz hates cookies and people who want to give her cookies. This, according to a TMZ report that claims Chloe called the cops on an 18-year-old who left cookies on her doorstep.

Not much is known about this story or the cookie giver, so I have some questions that I will now ask.

Did the boy leave a note with the cookies? Did Chloe even try the cookies? Did Chloe have one of her people try the cookies? What kind of cookies were they? Why did Chloe call the cops on someone who was just trying to give her cookies? What happened to the cookies after Chloe called the cops? Would she have preferred flowers?

Sometimes, cookies are just cookies and cops don’t need to be involved. And sometimes fans are crazy. Being a celebrity must be hard.

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