Man Finds Five Pound Blunt On Beach

Who the f**k rolled this and can I apprentice with them?

Jeff Stolowitz was walking around Daytona Beach cleaning up after it was trashed by frat bros on spring break when he came across a ten-pound package of weed wrapped in brown paper like a giant blunt.


Instead of smoking that s**t he called the cops.


The weed did have some blood in it, which is kind of weird.

According to Volusia County Beach Safety Captain Mike Berard, whoever wrapped it up likely dipped it in blood to throw off drug-sniffing dogs. It was covered in so many barnacles that experts think it had been rolling around in the ocean for at least two weeks. Berard told the Orlando Sentinel:

“This actually happens more than you think. Whenever we get these big surfs, all types of stuff washes up on shore.”

Time to move to Daytona Beach and keep my eyes peeled for bloody ocean blunts.

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