Nick Cannon Launches YouTube Career with Deodorant and Nicki Minaj Doll

Youtube / Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon isn’t ok. He quit America’s Got Talent to pursue a career as a YouTuber, and it is crazy as f**k.

After putting on deodorant which he says makes him smell like “your daddy just came home,” Cannon launches straight into his opinions on Trump and how much he equally offends people of every race.

Considering Nick Cannon’s other opinions are insane, this is just as much of a delight.

For somebody whose main opinions are that Planned Parenthood is part of ethnic cleansing, Nick Cannon has some pretty sane opinions on Trump and what he calls “Politricks.” Cannon said of Trump:

“We need you to be a leader, not a bully, not a tyrant.”

That’s real. Cannon also went off on Trump for constantly talking s**t on Chicago, even though the murder rate has actually declined since the 1970s, where it seems like Trump is getting his stats from.

“You’re sending motherfucking tanks to Chicago?  You know what you need to send to Chicago, some money, n***a.  All the s**t you be building, build in the Southside.”

Trump won’t.

Cannon also went off about how he should f**k Miley Cyrus, whipped out a Nicki Minaj doll which he stroked and claimed to love and whose ‘saggy thong’ he fixed, and farted.

He lovingly muttered to the doll, “I’m gonna come live with you.”


Check out the video below.

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