All Those Times Shaq Showed Up Naked to Practice

The Los Angeles Lakers recently honored Shaquille O’Neal with a statue outside Staples Center. The statue depicts Shaq dunking some sort of fireball basketball.

If they decided to make the statue more lifelike, it’d have Shaq butt naked dunking the ball with his dong waving in the wind. That’s because, according to teammates, Shaq had the freaky habit of showing up naked to practices and running around trying to hug everyone.

Former teammate Rick Fox said “I’m just scarred by the one where he ran out into the middle of the court naked before practice. I can’t get that image out of my mind.”

Derek Fisher talked about Shaq’s naked hugging desires. “He would start running around looking for guys to hug. Everybody was trying to get out of the way.”

That’s a terrifying image. A 7-foot basketball player and his dong chasing you around like some sort of Sasquatch.

Now that Shaq’s in the TNT studios, he’s fully clothed. The most outrageous thing he does now is declare that the earth is flat.

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