Twitter Is Freaking Out Over These Black Magic Practicing Turkeys

It’s like the ’70s all over again.

A Boston, MA resident came across these turkeys walking in circles around a dead cat in the middle of the road and shared it on Twitter. It looks like some real end of times s**t.

Take a look:

And Twitter, in typical Twitter form, is freaking the absolute f**k out.

Bob is right. There has definitely been some kinda glitch in the matrix.

Macbeth reference on point. Maybe this cat killed the turkey king to try and usurp his poultry throne. A biologist, Alan Krakauer, says this has more to do with the turkeys being dumb then some kind of unholy plot to shatter the heavens, crack open hell, and bring the turkpocalypse upon us, but we all know that science is a liar sometimes.

Sometimes, animals lower down in the food chain approach predators — a behavior that can be seen as risky, but can actually help the prey. Making the predator aware that the prey know it’s there can sometimes scare the predator away. The “inspection” also allows the prey to check how determined the predator is to attack, and can alert other animals to the danger.

Ok fine, maybe they were just trying to check if the cat was still alive and a threat to them in the safest way their bird brains could think of and got stuck in a loop.

Or maybe it was magic.

We all know it was magic.

[H/T Someecards]

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