Val Kilmer Loves Cate Blanchett More Than You’ve Ever Loved Anything

Val Kilmer may or may not be on death’s door depending on who you believe, but one thing is clear. Val Kilmer loves him some Cate Blanchett.

It started harmless enough.

A little creepy, flying all the way to Australia just to talk to a married woman. But, not completely crazy given that he’s Val Kilmer. Then, it got weird.

First, he retweeted a Woman Crush Wednesday tweet, ON A FRIDAY! That’s a huge no-no. You either RT it on the Wednesday it happens or you wait until next Wednesday to declare your WCW. The day is there for a reason, Val. If you wanted to tell her how much you loved her on a Friday, you use Follow Friday.

“So real, it’s almost unreal” is a pick-up line that everyone should use.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this level of amazing in my life. I’ve been impressed with people who do really impressive things, but I’ve never been so blown away with someone accomplishing a simple task. I’ve never been left speechless by my girlfriend when she’s picked up a pencil and handed it to me. I’ve met attractive female celebrities and never forgotten my words because autographed a photo. I guess, I’ve never been in love.

But Val’s love isn’t limited to just one lady.

Shoot your shot, Val.

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