Bella Hadid Sorry That You Wasted Your Money on the Fyre Festival

Bella Hadid probably held in her snickering while writing out this tweet.

Hadid did some sponsored content for the hell on earth Fyre Festival. As much as chilling in the Bahamas can be hell on earth. The Fyre Festival was the $12,000 a ticket luxury music festival experience put on by Ja Rule and sponsored by Instagram celebs like Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Ja Rule promised high-class living quarters and food, and a once in a lifetime experience. It turned into festival goers stranded in refugee tents and eating cheese sandwiches. Hahaha.

Hadid didn’t put on the event, only put up some sponsored Instagram posts. She wisely didn’t go because she got warned ahead of time about the shitstorm. She still tweeted out her sympathies to everyone who went.

No doubt she tweeted this out from her own beach villa or a luxury hotel suite.

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