Elizabeth Hurley Must’ve Sold Her Soul for Her Amazing Bikini Body

Elizabeth Hurley breasts need their own monuments. Carve out room on Scafell Pike in the UK and plant a replica of them there. She’s England’s greatest treasure right now. Her Instagram is just her in bathing suits. I’m not complaining.

No one’s this perfect. Maybe her nipples are black with pube-like hairs sprouting out of them. That would not faze me.

In the past, she’s given her secrets on thwarting off aging.

“I like women to feel very confident in how they look and to accept that every size can be beautiful…But I still think it’s important to be in shape. It doesn’t matter really what size you are, but I think it’s important to stay sort of firm and to do a reasonable amount of walking and exercise. I don’t go to the gym, but I’m quite active.”

Haha, funny. Here’s someone with a perfect body telling the sloths to accept their schlumpy excuses for bodies. Confidence won’t take you from a size 16 to size 4 with perfect breasts.

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