Good News on Friday: Next ‘Friday’ Movie May Finally Happen

It’s Friday. So, here’s some news about Friday.


At least, according to John Witherspoon, who plays Ice Cube’s dad in the movie franchise. Witherspoon says that he just spoke to producer Ice Cube, who told him that the movie has been greenlit. I can only assume that it took the studio 15 years to greenlight the project because Friday After Next was so bad. This is all your fault, Aaron Sorkin.

Friday: Classic. Next Friday: A worthy sequel. Friday After Next: No more movies for 15 years.

Little is known about the next installment in the franchise. It’s been long rumored that it’ll be titled Last Friday and that Chris Tucker will return. Of course, first, they have to find Chris Tucker. And Mike Epps for that matter. And Katt Williams. I just realized that Friday might be a cursed franchise.

Oh well, bring on Last Friday.

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