Katy Perry Googles Hot Pictures of Katy Perry When She’s Insecure

Katy Perry isn’t afraid to embarrass herself. Remember that video of her getting creamed? Ha. Never gets old. Also, there was that Grammy performance.

In her latest attempt to prove that she’s a normal person who does normal things, she posted some not so flattering pictures of herself. First, there was this:

Looks like every girl who rejected me in high school.

Then, she did this:

This is like the biggest humble brag of all-time. “I don’t look too hot here, but I’m getting a massage while on FaceTime with my record label.”

Finally, she posted this:

She captioned it: “was feeling insecure about my last two posts so.”

Yup, just a hot picture of herself that she found by googling “Katy Perry Hot” This sounds like a fun game. Let’s give it a try.

What was this post about again?

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