Kim Kardashian Got Hungry and Picked Food from Ashley Graham’s Teeth

Ashley Graham went on the Rachael Ray Show recently and shared a touching story about seeing Kim Kardashian at the 2017 Met Gala.

“The NICEST person ever!…She came over she’s like ‘How are you?’ and we started chatting and then she goes ‘Oh wait, you have something in your teeth right here.’ I said ‘Oh, where is it?’ and I couldn’t get it, so she said ‘Do you want me to get it?’ so she just kind of went in…”

Awww. Kim must have been really hungry if she went to those lengths to get a little bit of spinach. Feed her something, Kanye. Truthfully, that’s some real friendship right there. Most friends would laugh at you or just kind of give you some sort of signal like you’re supposed to know what it means. Kim plucked it right out. I’d say that’s a big risk because you never know where another person’s mouth has been, but obviously Ashley’s mouth was just near some spinach, so Kim probably didn’t have that concern.

It’s nice that Kim was cool enough to pick spinach out of your teeth, Ashley. But stay as far away from Kris as you possibly can. She would have picked the spinach, given it its own reality show, and then sold it on eBay.

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