Mexican Politician Mocked For Worst Campaign Hashtag Ever

Mexican politician Javier Zapata proved he doesn’t really know what the internet is with a campaign hashtag trying so hard it makes Hillary Clinton‘s campaign look cool and not at all desperate.

Gubernatorial candidate Javier Zapata, whose a part of some side chick party, bought billboards all over the Mexican state of Nayarit proudly displaying giant photos of his mustache and the campaign hashtag “hashtagcampa├▒a” or literally, “#campaignhashtag.”

I personally love it, would vote for him, and would also name my post-noise-ska side project it.

Social media all over Latin America blew up, as apparently, they think he’s just an idiot and not some kind of new school dada┬ásocial media master.

In response to the mockery, according to The Guardian, Zapata changed his slogan to #PorMisBigotes which means “because of my mustache.”

I live for this.

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