Backpack Kid Is More Famous Than You

He’s been on SNL. He’s been a backup dancer for Katy Perry. Rihanna is his biggest fan. He’s never, ever smiled (probably). He is: Backpack Kid.

But who is Backpack Kid. Born Russell Horning, he’s that thing that happens right now where things become famous because they are famous. Basically, he dances with a deadpan face, and people think this is wildly amusing. In his defense, I can’t dance as well as him, or hold a straight face as well as him.

Backpack Kid is entirely self taught. He took lessons for a month once but “left because there was too much drama” and because “that class wasn’t very helpful anyways.” It turns out his deadpan face is more than just a gimmick, it’s his mission statement in life. When asked about his early days on Instagram he said, “My old username was Majestic Cat Lover. I know, it was pretty iconic.”

Now he’s got over 730,000 Instagram followers, the endorsement of a backpack company, and calls from other hip-hop artists to appear in their videos. Is this kid getting you down yet? What have you accomplished today? Backpack Kid has struck the viral video gold mine.

Get money, get paid, Backpack Kid. You do a weird thing and people like it. Really, what greater service could you provide to this crazy mixed-up world?

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