The U.K. Is Too Dangerous for George Clooney and His Twins

George Clooney may seem like the kind of guy who wants to live dangerously, but that is far from the truth. The recent dad just wants a safe place to be with his family. It looks like England can no longer be that place.

George and his wife Amal spend time in lots of swanky places, from London, to L.A. to New York, to the Italian countryside. Now he’s thinking about his family though, so wealth and class comes second to their safety.

“He’s determined to move his family to LA,” said a friend close to Clooney, “where he feels much more secure.”

It sounds like Amal really wants to live in the English countryside, but George wants to be close to the action. Sources say he’s practically ready to blow his brains out, which may be the real danger. One assumes he’s talking about the threat of terrorism, though it’s not like California has been free of mass murders recently.

It’s also not like George lives a life free of danger. He sort of likes to go do his liberal celebrity thing and get arrested. Really, it sounds like he’s just not adjusting well to his new life. Fatherhood was gonna come with changes Clooney, and you may have to do stuff for your family now.

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