Justin Bieber Fans are Turning on Him

Justin Bieber is the definition of smarmy entitlement, so it’s no wonder his fans are the same. After drawing criticism for doing one thing, he tried the opposite. Turns out his fans don’t like him either way. I wonder why.

The Biebs recently drew flack for trying to sing “Despacito” at a concert. He co-wrote the song with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, and it did not go over well for its Spanish lyrics. Bieber doesn’t speak Spanish, and he can’t fake it either. Cultural appropriation people said.

So being a spineless follower, Bieber decided he wouldn’t perform the song anymore. That pissed off an entirely new group of people, the kind who hurl small objects. According to the Daily Dot, Bieber told the fans requesting the song, “I can’t do that specifically, I don’t know the words… I can’t do it.” Sounds totally like he’s speaking from the heart and not at all like he’s repeating the PR talking points right?

The Beliebers did not believe him. One of them hurled a water bottle at the tightly coiffed singer. To his credit, Bieber ducked the projectile like he was in The Matrix. “Don’t throw things at me, please,” he requested the people who had payed to come hear him sing. That sounds like a guy used to dodging thrown objects.

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