Kim Kardashian Accused Of Going Blackface, Really Just Photoshopped

Some people are going criticize someone for something no matter what. Case in point, Kim Kardashian. It doesn’t matter what she does, she’s going to get criticized for it because she’s Kim Kardashian, the girl who became famous because she had sex on camera.

In our most recent example, Kardashian is being criticized for some new line of makeup that darkens your skin. Here is the promotional ad tweeted by Kim:

Looks like the make-up works. Kim is much darker than I remember.

Just a bit of a difference in those two pictures. Saying she’s “doing blackface” sounds like going a bit too far. To me, she’s just using way too much makeup that is designed to make your skin darker. And considering that her whole body is darker, not just her face, I’m 99 percent sure that she doesn’t even use the makeup. She just told the photo editors “darken up my skin so it looks like the makeup works.”

So, calm down everyone. There is no blackface going on here. It’s simply another photoshop designed to sell products.

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