Kim Kardashian Throws Down With Jay-Z to Defend Her Man

Kim and Kanye have been through a lot. One of them being crazy. The other one being crazy. Both of them being crazy at the same time. Kanye’s rumored presidential run. The Kanye/Trump love connection. But Kim has limits, and she isn’t going to let anyone talk trash about her man, even if that person is Jay-Z.

In the opening track of Jay’s new album “4:44”, there’s one lyric in particular that stands out.

I know people backstab you, I felt that too/But this ‘f**k everybody attitude’ ain’t natural/But you ain’t the same, this ain’t Kumba ‘Ye/But you got hurt because you did cool by ‘Ye​/You give him $20 million without blinking/He gave you 20 minutes on stage, f**k what was he thinking?/’F**k wrong with everybody?’ is what you saying/But if everyone is crazy, you’re the one that’s insane

You catch the references to Kanye? I see it, but hey it’s music, and I’d be inclined to let it go. That’s reportedly not the case with Kim, who a source says is taking things very personally.

“She gets very protective of her husband, like a mama bear,” the source said. “She thinks it was a low blow to diss Kanye and throw around words like ‘insane’ after all he’s been through.” This all was in reference to Kanye’s recent mental health troubles, which have been truly blurring the line between his performative crazy public persona, and maybe actually in need of help problems.

I can see how people, including Jay-Z would be confused by Kanye’s behavior, but Kim knows where she stands.

“Kim would like nothing more than to drop the whole feud and move on with their lives,” the source said. “She likes Bey and Jay and would love to be friends—but it has to be a two-way street. If they aren’t interested then so be it.”

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