Mariah Carey Too Tired to Move Onstage Now

I’m not going to say that Mariah Carey is getting old (especially not on the internet, where she can hear me), but I will say that she’s gotten… less energetic. I saw her on New Year’s Eve, and she was a mess (though she refuses to take the blame). So I’m not all too surprised to hear about her latest onstage calamity.

Fans are reportedly mad about a show she did in Las Vegas. Specifically, it happened during a rendition of “Honey” that they found less than stirring.

Carey’s shows are filled with dance choreography, but for this number, she just sort of stood there. The backup dancers tried to cover, moving around her, but Carey had to take a breather, or forgot where she was, or just didn’t really care.

Some blame it on Mase, who came in with some sleepy rapping in the remixed version of the song. Maybe Carey was just lulled to sleep by his unenthusiastic performance? There are those who will defend Carey until the end, but sometimes musicians don’t perform at peak levels until the end of time.

Or maybe she was distracted by a hottie backup dancer. It wouldn’t be the first time.

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