McDonald’s Worker Tweets Out Their Secret Soft Serve Ingredient

A few weeks ago, a twitter user with the handle @phuckyounick posted a picture of what he alleges is a mold-covered drip tray he pulled out of a McDonald’s soft serve machine.

Pretty gross, right? But I can’t say for sure that’s mold in the picture. What is clear is that this drip tray isn’t being cleaned regularly enough. If only someone who worked at this McDonald’s location would have done that instead of taking pictures of how much it needed cleaning, this whole thing could have been avoided.

Nick also tweeted some pictures of what McDonald’s food looks like when in first comes out of the freezer.

Um, okay, to me, that just looks like food. The burger patties are clearly beef, the McNuggets are pale because they haven’t been cooked, and everything looks like normal frozen, uncooked food. Nick took the time to address people like me who didn’t see the problem with his second photo.

He also had a response for the myriad other McDonald’s employees who said that they had cleaned these machines and Nick was just being lazy and not doing his job.

But he also posted this picture, and there’s no way that cleaning that isn’t Nick’s job, right? It’s just out in the open where you can see it, it doesn’t involve taking a machine apart. Or maybe only managers are supposed to mop the floor, Nick?

I’m starting to be less on Nick’s side here. Like, Nick is kind of prick, right? It’s not just me? I’m apparently not the only one, because Nick told Buzzfeed he was fired for posting the pictures to Twitter and that after being fired, two regional managers begged him to take the pictures down. Because clearly deleting a few tweets will make them disappear from the Internet forever. Just ask Anthony Scaramucci.

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