Scott Disick Remains a Terrible and Disgusting Human

Scott Disick continued to be a douchebag in the Hamptons over the weekend. According to RadarOnline, Disick was “sloppy drunk” while partying. Is there any other “drunk” Disick could possibly be? He reportedly went up to two girls, grabbed them, and said, “I want my dick sucked.” No confirmation on whether or not his request was granted.

None of this should surprise anyone. Disick has been one of the least likable “celebrities” for years and does nothing to change the opinion. He’s 34-years-old and has three kids, but consistently acts like a college freshman on the verge of dropping out.

You know things are bad when Bella Thorne, who would be a college freshman on the verge of dropping out, thinks you party too much.

I guess when you see your ex-wife hanging out with a 23-year-old, you have to do something to keep your mind off things. Maybe next time, Scott, just ask the girls to give you a blowjob in a nicer way. Given that you’re rich and famous, they’d probably do it. You still get what you want and you give the impression that you’re a decent human being for two seconds.

Then again, he nicknamed himself “Lord.” Yeah, sorry. There’s no hope for this guy.

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