Seth Rogen Disturbed By His Mom’s Sex Life

Though there are some who want us to be more sex positive, I think most of us have some lines we’d comfortably rather not cross. I, for one, am certainly happier not thinking about my parents having sex. I’m sure you agree. You know who else falls into that camp? Actor/writer/director Seth Rogen.

Maybe you thought Seth was a bit of a free spirit. His movies like to go for shock value. He smokes a lot of weed, so he’s probably laid back. When it comes to his mom getting laid though, he’s as uptight as the rest of us.

Rogen was embarrassed when his mom Sandy tweeted “Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga.!”

That’s corpse pose, the only yoga move I’ve ever pulled off. Seth was none too pleased with his mom’s public display of sexuality.

You know who was though? Mindy Kaling? She retweeted Seth, adding “I love it and I don’t want you to dissuade her.”

Mindy and Seth are friendly from working the comedy world together, but maybe we can read between the lines. Maybe Mindy is more than casually sex positive. Maybe she’s got a vested interest in Sandy Rogen’s sex life? Maybe after things didn’t work out with Senator Cory Booker, Mindy started looking for a rebound? Someone older, more experienced?

You know what would really embarrass Seth, Mindy? Hooking up with his mom.

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