Brad Pitt Says No Way to Getting Back With Angelina Jolie

Earlier this month, I told you that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were on the road to reconciliation when a source close to the couple said after he quit drinking, Angelina Jolie wanted nothing more than to take Brad Pitt back. But in a twist worthy of M. Night Shyamalan, Life & Style magazine has their own inside source that says while Angelina still wants to reconcile, Brad Pitt doesn’t want her back.

Still, Angie is treading lightly as she attempts to patch up their fractured relationship. “She subtly asks Brad about his personal life and reminds him of all the fun times they had together,” says the source, “in hopes that he’ll fall back in love with her.” (A Brad source tells Life & Style, “That’s never going to happen! Brad is done with her.”)

Okay, so here’s a little mental exercise for you; pretend Angelina Jolie is desperately throwing herself at you, begging you to take her back, and your reaction is to go “Eh, I’m tired of fucking her.” That’s the life Brad Pitt lives. Brad does whatever the hell he wants.

Life & Style went on to say:

Angie is hoping she and Brad — who was cleared of child abuse allegations in November — can make amends and reignite their romance now that he’s made positive changes in his life, but an insider tells Life & Style that the Hollywood hunk is solely focused on building a stronger bond with his children. “The reason he changed his lifestyle was for the kids,” says the Angie insider, “not to impress Angelina.”

I get it. Angelina Jolie is super extra crazy and Brad may have reached his limit in dealing with her. He’s good friends with George Clooney, maybe George has been telling him that having an intelligent, hyper-competent partner like Amal who dedicates her life to fighting injustice is way better than someone who used to wear Billy Bob Thornton’s blood as a necklace.

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