Heart-Shaped Boobs Might Be The Next Big Thing(s)

The newest trend in selfies, which is way more interesting to me than touching your face, is smooshing your boob into a heart shape with your hands. Well, okay, it’s only really a thing in China so far, but I think considering the very good and some may say necessary #freethenipple campaign, we can make this trend go global.

As reported by The Daily Dot, Chinese social media users are enamored with the trend, possibly because it’s cute, but most likely because China’s Great Firewall blocks pornography, which is illegal in mainland China. Per the article:

This is big on Weibo, which is essentially China’s version of Twitter. It started with a more modest bodily challenge sweeping social media that involved the flexibility of fingers and quickly devolved from there. Internet lore has it that livestream hostess Ayi Xi Tai Lǜ did the heart trick to gain more fans back in July, and the photo spread on Chinese message boards. For the uninitiated, hostesses on Chinese social media usually operate these livestreams after midnight and viewers can pay them with such tokens as “love” and “lollipops,” according to SupChina.

Anyway, pornography is banned in China, but that didn’t stop the trend from taking off on Weibo. Or at least for people trying to look for that trend. The site What’s Next on Weibo reports that over 1.5 million people have viewed posts under the Mandarin-language equivalent of the hashtag #HeartShapedBoob, but not nearly as many people have posted actual photos. And if people were trying to do so right now, they’d show up as empty images because they’re being censored.

If you want to see some boobs squished into a heart shape and maybe a hint of nipple, you’re not out of luck because someone made a compilation video of some of the pictures for YouTube before they disappeared. They even used that Ken Burns effect to capture the gravitas of this momentous trend.

This isn’t the first risqué social media trend to hit the Chinese internet. Late last year Shanghaiist reported on the “One Finger Challenge” which saw Chinese women take mostly nude selfies in a mirror where they attempted to cover both their breasts and vagina with a single finger. That one is absolutely as worth checking out as it sounds, even if China’s no fun patrol taking the pictures down is the single greasiest argument for the failure of Communism in the history of the world. The One Finger Selfie challenge eventually spread to the West, and with a little luck, we’ll be seeing heart shaped boobs all over Twitter and Instagram any day now.

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